Richland Family Giving Campaign

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Richland Avenue School
Richland Family Giving Campaign

Support Richland Avenue Today!

Through the dedication of administration, staff, students and families, 
Richland Avenue School has made great strides to become the successful school it is.

The support of the Richland community is imperative to continue our path to success.

We are asking each family to give a $1200 tax deductible donation per family. 100% participation from Richland friends and family will significantly contribute to the success of our goals.We have even provided an easy way to split your donation into monthly installments to the right side of this page.

100% of the funds raised are used to pay for items the School District does not cover and will benefit all of our children.

Richland Booster Club is a volunteer organization and 100% of the funds raised are used for all students. 

Richland Avenue Elementary Booster's goals are to:

Continue to provide funding for programs and staff as needed

Continue growing, maintaining and utilizing the Richland Learning Garden

Continue campus beautification
Continue sponsorship of events for the school that support school community and pride

Provide funding for field trips

To develop a fund that provides more flexibility for our school.

Booster's fundraising efforts have contributed to:

The Wonder of Reading Library

Classroom Aides

Kirk Douglas Playgrounds

G.A.T.E. Education

Text books and Work Books for classrooms

Psychomotor Programs

Updated Technology

Rejuvenation of the Richland Learning Garden

Fruit and Vegetable Bar for the Cafeteria
Beautification of the School Grounds

Please donate as much as you are able. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 

Ask your employer if they have a matching fund program.

Checks and cash may be given to staff in the office. Please make Checks Payable to: